How to Make a Photography Website Successfully

Websites are great tools for photographers who want to sell photos and display beautiful images online. So, a lot of photographers are interested on how to make a photography website. Fortunately, creating one is not as difficult as what many people think. The first step that a photographer can do is to look as existing photography websites to gain inspiration and ideas. Color schemes, designs, and layouts are among the things that he must observe and consider. He may also get inspiration from the various photo galleries on the Internet. Then, he must decide on what kind of website he will set up. He must think thoroughly about what he will put in it. Because if he does not put something that will interest his potential clients, his website will only be a failure. He may write down his goals first, so he can organize his ideas. There are really many factors to consider before he actually begins the website such as budget, expertise, and time. He must also be able to update his website regularly.

Then, he must consider the website’s features. Blogs, photo galleries, website information, and subscription options are the most common features of a website that is specifically designed for photography. And finally, he must decide on what type of photography website he needs. Simplicity is the key for a successful website. Most people prefer websites wherein they can easily put comments, rate photos, and download purchased items. Whether the photographer uses a basic or a complex photography website, he must remember to keep it simple for easy access. But he can also hire a web designer to create his website. This is another option on how to make a photography website. However, it will be very expensive to choose this. Nevertheless, this might be a great option for a professional photographer who already has patrons. It might also be the solution for a photographer who does not have enough knowledge or time to create his website himself.

Once the photographer has finalized his thoughts and ideas, he may now proceed to start the photography website. This may be the most crucial part on how to make a photography website because with a wrong move, everything might be ruined. Of course, the photographer wants his target audience to be pleased and satisfied. That is why he will try to make his website the best among all the photography websites out there. For this, he will need to register a good domain name which is related to photography, photograph artwork, or cameras. It must be searchable and keyword-focused. Then, he must place a good website template and make an appealing homepage. His photos must also be classified according to their categories so the viewers will not have a hard time searching for them. He may use thumbnail images which are linked to their larger versions, if he wants to save space for pages of individual categories. This will also let the viewers see the details of the photo more clearly. However, he must be careful with copyrighted photos so he will not have any trouble.

Tips on How to Build a Photography Website

If more photographers knew how to build a photography website, they would easily take their photography business to the next level. Most photographers know that without a website, they aren’t taken seriously. A photographer that is not taken seriously is simply not successful. This is known and understood by most. What isn’t known as well is “how to build a photography website.”

Building websites is like riding a bicycle and like driving a car. Both are methods of transportation that require specific knowledge and specific skills for each. For the most part, the specific “how-to” knowledge is very simple and very easy – for those who already “know!” If you don’t know the specific skills required (regardless of how “easy” and “simple” they are), it might as well be “rocket science!”

Knowing how to build a photography website has been a serious challenge for many photographers, until now.

The Myth of “Web-Designers”

Similar to transportation options, someone else can be hired to do the work. Usually, this is a “web-designer.” This isn’t the best option for the long term. Web-designers can design, build and publish your website – but they don’t (can’t) “drive it” for you. Besides, building and publishing a website is only about 10% of what it takes to have a successful and profitable photography website.

The Myth of “Simple and Easy”

There are many website building products available. A great many of them are very, very good. Quite a few of them are actually “great!” However, too many of them have their instructions and directions written by people that already “know” how to build a photography website (and wrongly assume that the rest of us “know” what they know).

Often the “simple and easy” products require us to take the tedious time to learn far more than we really wanted to know. And we still find that “simple and easy” is relative. It isn’t a matter of intelligence or being smart. Photographers would rather spend their time “doing” photography – not becoming an “internet-techno-wizard!”

Also, many of the “simple and easy” photography websites wrongly assume that “one-size-fits-all.”

Website Builders To The Rescue

The advancement of technology has, once again, come to the rescue of photographers. “Website Builders” are the tools that put the full capacity and control of how to build a photography website totally in our hands! Really! And, many of the great website builders are FREE! As you may know, on the internet, free has value. Many vendors are so confident in the superior quality of their products that they offer them for free. They are convinced that once we try their free tools we will want to pay for continued use of the tools and/or other products that they sell. Some vendors even provide full versions of fully functioning website building tools for free and allow use of the free tools forever!

The beauty of “website builders” is that users can “test-drive” the tools again and again until the users are completely and fully satisfied that the tools are user-friendly and can help them to be successful! These tools continue to get better and more powerful. Competition among the website builder companies is fierce. Improvements are always taking place. All of them want you and me to use their product to learn how to build a photography website. No knowledge of HTML or coding is required! Most website builders let us drag-and-drop what we want on our website. All of them allow 1-2-3 publishing. Your competition and customers will be stunned by the professionalism and quality of your website. You can make changes when you want to by a couple of clicks.

And it even gets better! Many of these “website builders” are FREE! Do an internet search for “free website builders” in Google, MSN Live, Yahoo, etc. and you will have the choice of thousands and thousands of free website builders. You may have to spend some time trying them out. But, you will spend significantly much less time trying them out and finding a great website builder for yourself than you would be spending trying to use one of those “easy and simple to use”

Your quest for how to build a photography website has found the answer: website builders. Do yourself a favor and take your photography to the next level – find a website builder that meets your style and works for you. Test-drive them and be more profitable.

Kalem Aquil is a ‘semi-burnt-out’ photographer that dispenses free, unsolicited (yet, very good and accurate) tips and advice to budding photographers that want to take their photography business to the next level. He dispenses such advice to budding photographers such as “where to start,” “what to charge,” “how to know if you’re really, really ready,” etc. etc. etc.