Build a Photography Website – Share Your Photography

If you want to build a photography website you have the right idea, because you already have the images needed for your website. All you need to do is add content and a means to publish. When you capture things that other people miss, you have the art of photography. Why not show it to the world with a photography website?

When it comes to building a website the process is the same. You need three main components to build a website. First you will need a domain name such as ( A domain name is simply your website’s address where people can find your products and services you have to offer. Next you will need a web page editor to build your photography website. This is when you will add your photos/images that you would like to display, along with some content, add a guest book for comments and discussions the choice is yours. Finally you will need a web host, this will be how you get your website live to the internet.

But how do I do this? I have never built a photography website before! That is not a problem you will use a pre made template style website. Meaning that the style and layout is already made for you. All you do is add images, content, guest book, you can also share it with family and friends on social sites directly. Again the choice is yours.

Opposed to learning two computer codes such as html and css just to build the style and layout of your photography website. Codes that have learning curve. Why not skip that step and start building your photography website with a pre made template?