Build Your Photography Website

To be able to build a photography website by yourself you wont need anything else then a computer and about 30 minutes of time to invest in building your website.

Now I will show you in steps how to get started and how little it actually requires from you to build your own photography website. There are other ways of course but this is what I did when I built my first photography website. And since it worked for me I thought I would share it with you.

Step 1. OK so step one is pictures. You need to have photos to build a photography website right? So make sure you have at least a few pictures already and put them all on your computer, so that you can put them on your website.

Step 2. OK, step 2 is… find a guide on how to build a website or how to build a photography website. Of course it’s better if you find a guide on how to build a photography website since you will get much more specific information. But a guide on how to build just a website works fine too. There are a few good ones, but I found a pretty good one that you can check out. You can see the web address below.

Step 3. Next you should read the guide you have chosen, it doesn’t have to be the guide I suggested but some guide. It’s very important that you read the whole guide your using and follow all the instructions given in the guide. If you skips some parts or don’t follow the directions given in the guide your using… it often ends with you not having a website at the end.

Step 4. And now when you have read the guide, followed all the instructions and maybe watched a few videos if the guide you read contained videos. Your new photography website should be built.

Of course not every guide works or is so easy to use that you can build a website without any computer skills but I know that there are a few guides at least. Some cost a little and some are free but the one I used was free, so that was a great bonus for me since I didn’t have a lot of money when I built my first website.

How to Design Your Photography Website For Business Success

Are you a professional photographer that wants to add clients through your website? An effective photography website design can be the key to getting new clients every day. But as a photographer, how do you know what makes an effective website? I would like to discuss some key aspects of website design that should be known to any business person on the internet. Choose a Good Domain Name: A proper domain name will greatly enhance your chances for high search engine rankings. On the other hand, a bad domain name can mean lost customers when your potential clients are unable to find your site. I have seven rules that I follow for effective domain names. They are:

Make it a .com. Avoid .org, .net or other extensions.
The only exception to Rule #1 is if you are outside the U.S. consider using a country specific extension such as .UK or .AU.
Avoid strange or difficult spellings.
Avoid using “The” or similar words in your domain.
Register your personal name in addition to your company name.
The shorter the better.
Hyphens are okay.

Optimize your site for proper keywords: Now that you have the perfect domain name, you will want to optimize your webpage for the keywords for which you want to rank highly. How do you know which keywords you want to rank highly for? Well what search terms do you think your potential clients would use to find your service on the internet? For example, if you are a wedding photographer in Topeka your potential client might search for “Topeka Wedding Photographer”. Once you have established a few of these keywords, you will want to make sure they are included in your website in as many of the following areas as possible:

Domain Name
Page Title
First paragraph of content
Header tags
Page URLs

Including the keywords in these positions will give Google more confidence that your page is related to the keyword. This will increase your position in the search engines!

Ensure your site is professional in appearance. It is tempting to get a friend or relative to put up a generic, plain looking site but keep in mind that this is often the first impression a client will have of your business. A good looking, well designed site will ensure confidence in your client that you are up to the task. Thankfully this is not as hard as it may seem, even if you do not have experience in web design. It is not too hard to learn how to put up a website on your own with the modern tools out there such as WordPress or you can hire a professional to do it for you. Expect to pay upwards of $1000 for a decent site. Get referrals and make sure they understand internet marketing before parting with your well earned money.

Make sure every page has a call to action. Every page on your site should have a purpose in mind. Perhaps it is to get them to call you, email you, join your mailing list, or download a price sheet. This action should be clear to the visitor and readily available. Don’t be subtle in what you want the visitor to do. Most website visitors stay on a page for less than ten seconds so you can’t expect them to hunt for a contact link or a phone number. Make it plainly visible!

These are just a few considerations for your photography business website. I encourage you to keep working on your site as it truly is a great way to get new customers and reach old ones. The cost is minimal compared to the rewards!